Got Guts? by Megan Sousa

Many of us have one common flaw: to follow or not to follow the gut. We realize when we do follow our intuition the results prove true and just. On the latter end, we find ourselves saying "Something told me I should have done ___. I should have just done ___." So why not just listen to yourself? It can't hurt. 

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I decided to re-launch my blog because I realized a few things reoccurring. First, I was constantly being approached with the same variation of questions from peers, complete strangers and curious parents with children who are truly interested in the life of TV/Film Business and how to start. Secondly, I love to share these stories and offer helpful insight. Lastly, it's nice to vent. 

Back in 2010 I moved to Los Angeles from Alabama with my professional acting career pursuits in my hands. I had $100 to my name and had no plan except "I'm moving to LA and I'm going to be a star." I didn't have any specific person to lead me along or tools to get me through the harrowing nature of the city- much less the business of an acting career. This was soon to be a hands on work training like none other. Nevertheless, I have been so lucky to meet incredible people along the way that have either given me a chance, a learning lesson or sincere friendship. I've stored each scenario with a lock and key in my own how-to guide.

I had my own ideas on what would happen when I moved to LA LA Land, man was I wrong. I learned everything the long and hard way. Through the years, I've gained tools from top film students, industry professionals and celebrities but often calculating with my own two eyes. Around this time 2011, I began a YouTube vlog as a daily journal recording my day-to-day progress. This was the first phase of my process (I cried a lot) and I later marked the videos private and gave up on posting. 

Flash forward to now to a full circle moment from where I was 5 years ago; many lessons learned and milestones accomplished. Looking back, I have zero regrets. I imagined I'd have a successful run as a professional working actor, but nothing and no one could have prepared me for what my process had in store for me. I'm here to tell you, it is a PROCESS. Everything takes time. Stay focused on your own path. Fortunately for some actors, luck strikes and the winning golden ticket is theirs for the keeping while others have to work their asses off a little longer just to step in a top casting office for an under five Co-Star.

I've tuned in to the horror stories of this business and have pretty much seen it all. I've witnessed the sketchy fraud managers, scamming agents, scorned actors to the infamous casting couches and mansion parties. All of these things do exist and are as real as they will ever be, but I must say, I've been handed doses of these scenarios and I have been quite fortunate to come out on the other side unscathed. Phew! 

I hope my personal stories can enlighten and inspire you! I encourage you to experience your truth and keep going (be it acting or not)! This is only the tip of the iceberg. 

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Peace, Light & Love,