TL;DR on Mel Magazine
Megan Sousa Live!
UCB Black Twitter Show [FULL SHOW]

5/19/19 “Homecoming vs Homegoing”

Cornbread Kitchen find a unique spin on the Taylor Swift vs Beyonce originality feud. Watch Kanye West and the CBK gang bring this topical comedy come to life!

What had happened Was Game Show featuring Flamez Brown

This sketch features Flamez Brown bringing his funky preacher vibes as he hosts the most popular black trivia game show... What Had Happened Was.

UCB Burning Rubber(s) Full Show [2019]

Upright Citizens Brigade
Advanced Sketch Graduation Show

Cornbread Kitchen R&B [Teaser] 2019
Megan Sousa Comedy Reel

Characters and sketches are no strangers. 

"WE GOT THE SAUCE" by Cornbread Kitchen [2019 Commercial]

Check sketch & improv indie team Cornbread Kitchen performing regularly around town including Upright Citizen's Brigade, iO West, The Clubhouse, The Nerdist, Flapper's Comedy Club and Second City.

Megan Sousa Live at Upright Citizen's Brigade

Megan discusses an easy guide to getting older. Live taped Nov. 18, 2018 at Obama's Other Daughters Black Girl Magic Show.

You Can't Avoid The Reach of 6 God

A Mel Magazine TL;DR sketch uncovering the power of Drake.

Megan Sousa - Riddles Comedy Club

Megan discusses difficulties of race, living in Chicago and childhood memories. This is original material performed and written by Megan Sousa. Taped live from Riddles Comedy Club in Chicago June 17, 2018.

Runtime: 13 min 43 sec.

TL;DR Cramps in the Workplace

On this episode of TL;DR

If she tells you her cramps feel like a demon swinging on her ovaries, you best believe. A new study equates women's cramps with the pain people get when they have a heart attack.

Live From The World Famous Comedy Store

Hosted by Jeremy Scippio, Megan Sousa & Valentino on the keys

Topics: Avengers NO SPOILERS, Macro Black Film Bracket & Kanye West


GUESTS: Frank Edwards @_b.frank Tarik Jackson @reekspeaks Nick Alexander @nickofcomedy

Megan Sousa - Bi-racial is tough (stand-up)

Megan discusses the challenges of being bi-racial and the relevance of “what you ain't finna do”.

Set recorded live April 21, 2018 in Glendale, CA.

TL;DR Women and Nagging

On this episode of TL;DR…

New research from UC Berkeley has shown that no matter who the most difficult person in your life is, it's probably a woman. What a stereotype, right? Maybe so, but actually she's got a good reason for being a nag.

TL;DR on Mel Magazine
TL;DR on Mel Magazine

"Too Long; Didn't Read" brings a comic twist to that article you didn't read in 2 minutes or less. 

Watch Full Episodes Now: MEL Magazine Facebook covers sex, relationships, health, money and culture from a male point of view — even though we’re not all male (and aren’t always sure what that means.) We value the stories that no one is hearing, the perspectives that no one is considering and the people that no one knows. Founded in 2015 in L.A. by Dollar Shave Club. 

"Too WOKE for Star Wars" (2017)

See what happens when Donald encounters his friends at the movies in route to watch Star Wars Episode 8. 


#FunnyOrDie #UniqueBehavior #TooWoke

"Laughtivism LA Holiday Sketch Show" (2017)

Laughtivism LA  (12-10-17) Full Show

#laughtivismla is having our 2 year anniversary party and holiday show

Join us in spreading awareness through humor, not propaganda! Abbreviated List of Social Issues: Racism Sexual Harassment/Assault Homophobia Body Image Sexism Homelessness Narcissism Class Mental Health Ageism

Megan Sousa Live!
Megan Sousa Live!

New Weekly Comedy Shows... 

Saturdays @ The Clubhouse 10 PM
** Cornbread Kitchen Improv Team

Tuesdays @ Cellar Hollywood 8 PM 

** LYT Standup Comedy Show + Open Mic 


Megan Sousa - Ice House (2017)

Megan performs on Jeff Hodge and Friends at The Ice House comedy club in Pasadena. She covers challenges of being biracial, bread struggles, adorn for Britney Spears and quickies by dumpsters.  

"Textual Healing" Episode #029 Promo (2017)

Episode #29

Released Oct 27, 2017
This episode is no joke. This week, our online dating conversation is submitted by a real-life witch! Anthony and Megan take turns telling ghost stories and scare the crap out of each other. Join the wild Facebook group:

Megan Sousa at Flappers (2017)

Some people are passionate about politics, others sports. Megan Sousa cares a lot about bread, and doesn't care who knows it. Watch her first ever stand-up set with Pretty Funny Women at her Graduation Showcase featured at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA. 

Lisa Sunstedt is the creator of Pretty Funny Women

"RnB Cult - Support Group" [SPOOF] (2017)

"Life after the Pied Piper"

Shot by: @dreamlandandco

Starring: @aundriuh @yo_megs @fatimahtaliah @lonyenicole

Queen Bey - Behind the Scenes [Spoof]

Watch Beyonce BTS. The real deal with the Queen, fame and motherhood.

Camera & Edit by Juel Taylor

"Campaigns Anonymous" (2016)

Featured on Funny or Die

What happens when the dangers of your political beliefs becomes too much. Where do you go for help? Who do you call? 

Written/Directed by Michael Buissereth 

"Cooking with Lil D'Rell" (2017)

Lil D'Rell isn't your average redneck. He owns a specialty cooking show with family recipeis to live for. 

"Penis Envy" (2016)

Writer/Director:  Angie Comer

TRT:  8:59

Genre:  LGBT Comedy

Starring: Megan Sousa and Emily Adams 

Is using a vibrator really cheating on your lover?  A clever rom com about two charming and dysfunctional girls broadcasting details of their argument in the middle of a gym class. Penis Envy is a naughty and wickedly irresistible LGBT comedy that features relationship paranoia, an eccentric instructor and a toy named Kimmie.

"PENIS ENVY"  Official Selection Award Nominations

Women's/QFlix Film Festivals Philadelphia 2018

Broad Humor Film Festival 2017

Cinema Diverse Palm Springs Film Festival 2017

North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2017




"Movie Night" - #ThoughtCollectiveThursday

Chris gets a lot more than he bargained for when he invites Laurie over to "watch a movie and chill" and she gets a lesson in the hidden struggles of being a man.