Penis Envy
Megan "Young Sauce" Sousa at Flappers

Some people are passionate about politics, others sports. Megan Sousa cares a lot about bread, and doesn't care who knows it. Watch her first ever stand-up set with Pretty Funny Women at her Graduation Showcase featured at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA. 

Lisa Sunstedt is the creator of Pretty Funny Women

[SPOOF] RnB Cult - Support Group

"Life after the Pied Piper" THE R KELLY SUPPORT GROUP

Shot by: @dreamlandandco

Starring: @aundriuh @yo_megs @fatimahtaliah @lonyenicole

Queen Bey - Behind the Scenes [Spoof]

Watch Beyonce BTS. The real deal with the Queen, fame and motherhood.

Camera & Edit by Juel Taylor

Cooking with Lil D'Rell

Lil D'Rell isn't your average redneck. He owns a specialty cooking show with family recipeis to live for. 

Penis Envy
Penis Envy

Angie Comer is the Writer/Director of the lesbian comedy short film "Penis Envy."

Megan plays "Lizzie" and wonders if using a vibrator is cheating. 


Campaigns Anonymous

Featured on Funny or Die

What happens when the dangers of your political beliefs becomes too much. Where do you go for help? Who do you call? 

Written/Directed by Michael Buissereth 

"Movie Night" - #ThoughtCollectiveThursday

Chris gets a lot more than he bargained for when he invites Laurie over to "watch a movie and chill" and she gets a lesson in the hidden struggles of being a man.