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Samson’s World Podcast

Episode P Power

Published on Aug 7, 2019

Co-hosts: Samson Croupen Del Harrison

Guest Comedians: Megan Sousa and Grace Aubry

Crack Em Up Comedy Podcast

Episode #8

Released Nov 17, 2017

Co-hosts: Del Harrison welcomes guest host Chico Will

Guest Comedians: Carl Spitale, DC Ervin, Aida Rodriguez, Pallavi Gunalan, Chaz Carter, Ron Taylor, Megan Sousa, Jason Jamerson, Jonas Presendieu, Cam Bertrand and our engineer Max Goldman.

Textual Healing


Episode #29

Released Oct 27, 2017

This episode is no joke. This week, our online dating conversation is submitted by a real-life witch! Anthony and Megan take turns telling ghost stories and scare the crap out of each other. Join the wild Facebook group: www.TextualHealers.com 

Crack Em Up Comedy Podcast

Episode #2

Released Oct 04, 2017 

Co-hosted by Jonnae Thompson, Nichelle Murdock and Buttah Man. Guests: Tips & info from Casting Director Natasha Ward, a few rising comedy stars plus Uncle Levi and Dj Shawn from the Crack Em Up Comedy show team.