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10th Annual Action Icon Awards & Luncheon

"Diamond in the Raw Foundation Presents..."
The Action Icon Awards 2017

Megan served as the Leadership Mentor during the 2017 all girls Summer Boot Camp "Concepts in a Box" Program.

We celebrate the achievements of these unrecognized heroes and our Diamonds in the RAW by honoring them at our annual Awards Luncheon. After the events, we follow-up with our teens via letters throughout the year to monitor their accomplishments and assign mentors as needed.

In today’s entertainment industry, the imbalance of jobs based on gender is startling. In the Stunt Industry alone, male performers receive far more employment opportunities than their female counterparts. Additionally women are discriminated against once they reach the age of forty, while stuntmen continue to receive work well into their fifties. In general, stuntwomen have fewer opportunities and face more challenges finding work in the industry. Therefore it is imperative that more female stunt coordinators be hired for jobs in order to create more opportunities for female stunt performers as a whole.

It is for this reason the Diamond in the RAW Foundation has created the Action Icon Awards & Stuntwomen’s Coordinating Conference, so that these women can attend seminars that will educate them on aspects of stunt coordinating and provide them with the enhanced skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Additionally, These unsung heroines risk their lives every day in order to help create some of the most memorable moments in film, television and commercials. And therefore should be recognized for their noteworthy contributions in the entertainment industry.

We accomplish our mission through our Sista2Sista shadowing program and the HIP/N/SMART mentorship programs and by collaborating with several organizations such as the Circle of Charites, McGrath & Abrams Foundation, National Organization of Black Directors, National Sales Network –NSN LA, Black, Coach Art, City Lites, Make a Film Foundation, GAP Alternative Prevention Program, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Women in Film PSA Program. The foundation also grants scholarships to various at risk teens.